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There are so many things that I love about Your Hometown Hemp CO’s beeswax balm. It’s hard to believe that something that works this well only has 8 ingredients in it and has such a wide realm of incredible uses. But it’s true! My first experience with it was for a terrible sunburn that I got last summer. I had third degree burns on my shoulders and could not find anything to relieve the pain and irritation. I then tried one application of hemp beeswax balm and by morning, my skin had almost completely healed. The burning, pain and redness was gone and a coating had formed over the sunburn that protected it from being irritated by my clothing. After that, I used it on my sons hands that had cracked and were bleeding from being dry due to excessive washing. Over night, after rubbing on the beeswax, his hands were healed, much like my sunburn. Since then, I have used it for headaches, muscle aches, restless leg syndrome, cuts, scrapes and surface burns.

Every one I know that has used it, uses it for something different and remarks about how incredible it works. I absolutely love the feedback that I get from everyone who has tried and loves it!

But as awesome as all that is, there is one other thing that stands out about this product and makes it different from other cbd products that I have tried! My very favorite thing about Your Hometown Hemp Company is that they are local! And not just like small town, USA local but Northern Minnesota local! Did you know that our hemp beeswax balm is made and manufactured in Blackduck, MN? It so cool to see such an amazing product created locally and by people that I have known my entire life!

It’s pure, clean, simple. Made with the best, high quality ingredients. It’s made locally. And IT WORKS! Don’t miss an opportunity to try it for yourself! 🐝🐝

Special shout out to the local businesses who have jumped on board with us and are carrying Your Hometown Hemp CO’s beeswax balm in their stores! It is so important to have support from the community! Thank you all! 🐝


* Max Mini Store, Max MN

* Hidden Hair Shack, Max MN

* CENEX C-Store, Deer River MN

* Health Connection Minnesota, Grand Rapids MN

* Grand Rapids Wellness Center, Grand Rapids MN

* Timberline Sports, Blackduck MN

* Northwoods Lumber, Blackduck MN

* Northome True Value Hardware, Northome MN

* Smokes4less, Bemidji MN

* Luekens North, Bemidji MN

* Leukens South, Bemidji MN

* Grow Maxx Garden Center, Iron Mt Michigan

* Sportsman Cafe, Deer River MN

* Benders Shoes, Grand Rapids MN

* Boutique On Fox, Bemidji MN

* Muah Salon and Spa, Grand Rapids MN

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