Hemp Beeswax Balm| The All Season Essential for Every Minnesotan

Being born and raised in Northern Minnesota, it was almost inevitable that I would become an avid outdoorsman. Fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, swimming all come as second nature to most people who live here.

At the very young age of 5, I became extremely drawn to hunting and found myself sitting hour after hour in the deer and bear stand with my dad. Fall and winter sports were always my favorite. I loved being outside and the weather in the fall especially made that ideal.

When my dad became a bear guide, the fun of baiting bear and everything that came along with it soon became a job...but a good one. The long days spent in the woods, riding four wheeler, carrying bait pails, and dragging bear proved to be physically exhausting but I loved it. I would dread the end of the season but that also meant that deer season was right around the corner. If you’ve ever deer hunted in Northern Minnesota, you’re aware that more often than not, you’re hunting in the snow. Not only hunting in It, but wading through it, when the snow is too deep to ride through it. It’s definitely a work out but so much fun.

Around the time that I learned to hunt, I also learned to downhill ski. That one didn’t come as naturally as hunting did and I must admit, after rolling down the hills so many times, I was ready more than once to throw in the towel. I guess that’s when the stubborn Norwegian in me decided that I wasn’t going to quit and before long and without injury, I mastered it.

Somehow 30 years went by and suddenly I found myself a parent attempting to teach my kids those skills and hoping they would enjoy it as much as I always did.

Last summer we bought a camper and spend most weekends from May-September on the road. Seeing my kids enjoy the outdoors is truly amazing and I love the endless nights of badminton, swimming, basketball and riding bike.

Unfortunately though, along with all that outdoor fun often comes sunburns, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and tired and achey muscles at the end of the day. I have found that all the strenuous outdoor activity sure takes a toll on me differently than when I was a kid. For these reasons and more, I am so grateful that I found Your Hometown Hemp CO’s beeswax balm. It’s amazing how it works for any and everything we need it for! It immediately takes the burn out of sunburn and heals cuts and scrapes with one use. It provides a cool, soothing feeling to achey joints and muscles and provides a relaxing sensation to help with sleep. Our camper will always be stocked with at least one bottle and we have one for the house and one for our car.

If your family is active like mine and loves the outdoors, I would highly recommend always having a bottle of Your Hometown Hemp Co.’s beeswax balm along for the ride! 🐝🐝

-Stephanie, Housewife, Mom, Sales rep for Your Hometown Hemp Co.

Instagram: @hometown_hempgirl1

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