The People Vs. Hemp | The Stigma and Benefits of Hemp & CBD

It didn’t take long for me to become a believer in Your Hometown Hemp Company’s Beeswax Balm. I saw it cure my extremely severe sunburn over night and watched as it healed my sons cracked and bloody hands in one use.

CBD products have been a thing for a while now. It’s getting more and more common to see them here and there on social media, on the occasional store shelf or maybe even see a CBD shop popping up around your area. Still, there seems to be a stigma regarding hemp in any form.

There are still some people who are misinformed, leaving them shut off to even entertaining the idea of using it for anything or for any reason.

I am hoping that by writing this, I can help clarify some of those misconceptions and help people realize how beneficial hemp products can be in so many areas of their lives.

First and foremost, hemp does not get you high. Controversy to the very common idea, hemp and marijuana are not the same thing. The levels of THC in hemp are extremely low, compared to the amount in marijuana and has no psychoactive properties like marijuana does. With that being said, let me tell you about some firsthand accounts I have witnessed to demonstrate the benefits of what Your Hometown Hemp Co. Beeswax Balm has done for people in my life.

Recently, a woman I know told me that she has been struggling with severe itching from rashes on her arms. The dryness and flakiness had gotten so bad that she was embarrassed to even wear shortsleeved shirts in public. After several doctor visits, she was diagnosed with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease which causes severe rashes, redness and flakiness of the skin. She was prescribed several medications, all of which did not help improve her condition. She turned to Your Hometown Hemp Co. beeswax balm. After just a few applications, the rashes were completely cleared up with no more itchiness or flakiness. She is now able to wear short sleeves again and continues to use this product as a preventative measure for her psoriasis.

Another woman I know uses beeswax balm for her knee pain. After several blood clots in her legs, standing all day long at her job makes her knees ache and swell. Again, treatment from the doctors did little to help relieve her discomfort. She now purchases Your Hometown Hemp Co. beeswax balm, 2 bottles at a time to make sure she never runs out. She uses it daily to take down the swelling and reduce pain and discomfort after a long day on her feet.

I recently sold a bottle of beeswax balm to a lady I know who is in stage 4 kidney failure. Because of this, her entire body is dry and sheds uncontrollably. I watched as she applied the balm to her legs which itch so badly that she is kept awake at night. When I saw her the next day, she said her legs were much better and the itching was gone.

I have dozens of similar stories that I could share regarding the benefit of this product! It helps so many issues and does so with natural, non addictive ingredients.

I hope that by reading some of these success stories that people will grow to understand that hemp products are so beneficial to our everyday lives. We could avoid so many unnecessary doctor visits and treatments if we let hemp do the job that it was Intended to do.

Hemp Beeswax Balm

Please do not hesitate to ask questions or give this product a try if you have any issue that you think it could help!


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